Technologies and Facilities

Waste recovery is carried out at 12 operations of our company

Facilities for material recovery of waste

Recovery of waste by sorting, crushing, pressing, etc., is carried out at 12 operations of our company strategically located throughout Slovakia. Secondary raw materials are sorted in our facilities on sorting lines and processed in pressing facilities, mainly in continuous channel presses and shipped to recycling facilities such as paper mills, glassworks and plastic processors. Here, waste is used as feedstock in its own recycling and production process or is further used for energy production.

Sorting lines

One of the most modern waste sorting devices is the technological line for automatic optical sorting of plastic waste using a ballistic separator. The optical unit can distinguish between different commodities based on the type of plastic and color. Our project of introducing a new technology of sorting plastics supports the improvement of the quality and quantity of sorted collection of plastics. Plastic waste is treated in a volume of about 2,500 tons per year. By launching a new line, we are able to process this volume of materials in one shift. On the new line we can process 1.5 tons of input material in one hour. Thus, 10 – 11 tonnes pass through the line daily in one working shift. Using the new technology, we expect a reduction in the share of waste from sorting, which in the past was at the level of 40-50%.

Processing of technical plastics – Crushing

It concerns the processing of waste engineering plastics from the production of the automotive, electrical or consumer industry. Waste in the form of spatter, non-conforming products, overflows or so-called plastic cakes is treated in our 2 crushing centers. The output of our processes is high-quality chips, which is reused in the production process of our business partners around the world. As part of commercial activities, we trade plastic chips and granules also from the production of other entities.

Stationary presses, mobile pressing units

The sorted waste is pressed into packages to keep handling it as simple as possible. Subsequently, packages are dispatched to final processors.

Mobile washing facility

Facility for cleaning, washing and disinfecting waste containers by a mobile washing device.