Routine and winter maintenance of roads

Our services are also focused on routine and winter road maintenance.

Routine road maintenance includes activities such as manual and machine cleaning and sweeping of roads, pavements and public areas, sprinkling of roads, cleaning of roads from leaves, machine sweeping of local roads from winter-sanding and dust. Other activities include manual and chemical removal of grass lichens, cleaning of drainage gutters and export of small garbage cans distributed in the city and garbage cans with dog excrement.

Winter maintenance of roads includes manual or mechanical snow clearing, snow removal and machine sanding of roads and pavements.

Tankers or suction tanker superstructures mounted on chassis are used for the collection and transport of liquid wastes, designed for vacuum suction the pressure emptying of specified substances. In practice, the contents of grease traps are most often removed, as well as water containing free oil.

Other communication maintenance services