Tekovská ekologická

The company Tekovská ekologická, s.r.o. started its activity on 1.1.1996. Since 2003, it has been part of the Marius Pedersen Group. Tekovská ekologická, s.r.o. provides services in the field of collection and carriage of municipal and industrial waste by collection vehicles from municipal and industrial customers. The main subject of business is the operation of the landfill in Nový Tekov, road freight transport and business in the field of transport, treatment and separation of waste. The regional Tekovská ekologická Landfill in Nový Tekov has a central function in the controlled and systematic disposal of waste from approximately 50,000 households from the broad surroundings of Levice and Nitra. The catchment area is the city of Nitra and 15 other municipalities in its surroundings, as well as 22 municipalities of the Levice district, waste from trades and industry.

Nový Tekov č.133, 935 33 Nový Tekov


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Waste collection facility

Nový Tekov č.133
935 33 Nový Tekov

Tel.: +421 36 6387 230



Tekovská ekologická s.r.o.
Nový Tekov č.133
935 33 Nový Tekov