Secondary raw materials

Secondary raw materials

At Marius Pedersen, we communicate with a number of secondary material processors across Europe to offer our customers the processing and recycling of as much of the waste we produce as possible. At the same time, the recycling of waste has a considerable economic effect on our customers. The main commodities are paper and cardboard, plastics, glass, wood or metals. In cooperation with our partners, we provide the recovery of electrical waste as well as portable and industrial batteries and accumulators.

Sorting and treatment of municipal and industrial waste before recycling or recovery is carried out at 12 plants of our company strategically located throughout Slovakia. In our comprehensive solutions in the field of secondary raw materials, we take care to comply with the legislation in force in the waste management sector.

Processing of engineering plastics

Since 2008, Marius Pedersen has been processing waste engineering plastics from the automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries (shredding). As part of our comprehensive waste management services, we provide collection and recovery of production waste from commodity and technical plastics including PC, ABS, PMMA, PCABS, PA, PBT, PEI, PES, PE, PP, PS, PVC and others at favorable price conditions.

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