Waste transport, a.s., Mochovce

Waste transport, a.s. has been a subsidiary of Marius Pedersen, a.s. since 15.10.2015. On this date, Marius Pedersen, a.s. became the sole shareholder of SITA Slovensko, a.s. On 24.10.2015 the original business name of SITA Slovensko, a.s. was changed to the new name Waste transport, a.s. The company’s main objectives include appropriate solutions to the problems of its partners in the field of waste management and at the same time improving the environment in the regions in which it operates.

Mochovce 1/1, 935 32 Kalná nad Hronom



Operation Mochovce:
Mochovce 1/1
935 32 Kalná nad Hronom

Head Office:
Waste transport, a.s.
Kukuričná 8
831 03 Bratislava

Correspondence address:
Žirany 474
951 74 Žirany