Cleaning of grease traps and oil separators

Grease traps are special containers designed to catch grease and oil impurities from restaurants, hotels, factory kitchens, meat processing plants, confectioneries before the wastewater is discharged into the sewage system. A grease trap serves as a container that separates the grease from the waste water.

The operation of the trap requires regular service maintenance. Neglecting regular cleaning intervals causes it to become clogged. As a consequence, grease is gradually deposited on the walls of the sewer pipe and significantly limits the serviceability of the pipe. Over time, it becomes completely clogged.

We use special tankers and pumping vehicles.

Grease trap cleaning includes: complete grease and water extraction, scraping of grease from the trap walls, high pressure washing of the trap walls and baffles, high pressure cleaning of the trap inlet and outlet, removal and environmentally friendly disposal of the waste.

Cleaning of oil separators (ORL)

This concerns the pumping of water containing free oil substances from separators in production halls, car workshops, garages, car parks, petrol stations, etc. We have special professional vehicles equipped with a hydraulic ADR tank for cleaning the oil separator.

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