Disposal of waste by landfill

Marius Pedersen is one of the most important operators of managed and secured landfills in Slovakia. These are used by cities, municipalities and industrial customers to dispose of unusable waste components.

The Marius Pedersen Group operates thirteen landfills. These landfills are owned and operated by separate companies, with the shareholders being the individual municipalities and Marius Pedersen. All landfills are intended for non-hazardous waste (Zvolenská Slatina, Banská Bystrica – Šalková, Ražňany, Luštek, Bzenica – Uhlisko, Kostolné, Rakovice, Pusté Sady, Veľký Krtíš) and the landfills in Livinské Opatovce, Nový Tekov, Žakovce and Mochovce are also used for the disposal of hazardous waste.

Other waste services