Information for schools

Despite the fact that waste sorting has been discussed and written in the media for years, the results are still not sufficient. That is why we at Marius Pedersen told ourselves that we should start with the smallest ones – children. As part of our activities, we decided to contribute to supporting education, especially for children from kindergartens and primary schools. Through the game, we want to teach them how to properly sort waste and build a positive relationship to the protection of the environment and our surroundings.

In addition to environmental activities, lectures, excursions and practical waste sorting exercises, we also support the collection of paper and plastics at schools. We believe that if WE TEACH CHILDREN to sort waste, they will teach PARENTS.

We strive for continuous improvement in what we do and are gradually involving all our operations in environmental activities. A great satisfaction for us was the prestigious VIA BONA SLOVAKIA 2014 award. Our company Marius Pedersen, a.s. – the Zvolen plant received public recognition from Pontis Foundation in the Green Company category.

Our Services for Citizens and Schools