Large Volume Waste

Large-volume waste is waste that does not fit in a conventional waste container and does not contain hazardous substances. Bulky waste includes old furniture, washbasins, kitchen utensils, carpets, linoleums, etc. Bulky waste does not include bio-waste from gardens – grass, leaves, branches and trunks, street cleaning waste, paper, glass, etc.

An important part of Marius Pedersen’s services to municipalities and cities is the collection, transport and management of large volume waste, which cannot be stored in standard collection containers. For the collection of this waste, we use modern transport technology with hook and arm superstructures as well as large volume containers. These services are intended mainly for the collection of large-volume household waste, spring and autumn cleaning, as well as for the collection of waste arising from construction and building renovations.

For the purpose of collecting bulky waste, we will be happy to provide you with large-volume containers for you.