Mixed Municipal Waste

Mixed municipal waste (hereinafter referred to as MMW) is unsorted municipal waste or municipal waste after sorting components of municipal waste.

MMW does not include separately collected components of municipal waste – paper, plastics, glass, TetraPak packages, beverage cans, metal waste, biodegradable waste from greenery maintenance, bulky waste (boards, bars, pieces of furniture and others), hot ash, dead animals, flammable, explosive waste, stones, soil, construction waste and waste that would endanger the health of employees of the collection company by its composition.

The basic service offered by our company Marius Pedersen to cities and municipalities as part of comprehensive services is the collection, transport and management of solid municipal waste from households. We perform this service with the most modern collection technique. We also have vehicles for collecting containers and small trash cans in pedestrian zones.

The collection, transport and management system of municipal waste in cities and municipalities always takes into account the needs and capabilities of our customers.

Municipal waste is waste from households arising in the territory of the municipality, except for waste arising from the direct performance of activities forming the subject of business or the activity of a legal person or natural person – entrepreneur.

Municipal waste also includes waste from real estate used by natural persons for recreation (gardens, lodges, cottages), parking or storage of a vehicle used for household purposes (garages, garage and parking spots).

Municipal waste is also all waste arising from the cleaning of public roads and premises owned by the municipality, as well as the maintenance of public greenery, including parks and cemeteries and other greenery on the land of legal entities, natural persons and civil associations.