Minor Construction Waste

Amendment to the Act on Local Taxes and Local Fee for Municipal Waste and Small Construction Waste No. 582/2004 Coll. resulted in the payment of a fee for small construction waste handed over to collection yards from 1 January 2016, which is set out in the General Tax Code on Local Taxes and the local fee for municipal waste and small construction waste.

Minor construction waste (hereinafter MCW) is waste from construction works for which no building permit or construction declaration is required. We include small mixtures of concrete, bricks, lining, tiles, ceramics, including ceramic furnishings (washbasins, toilets), soil and aggregate residues, building materials containing crack, aerated concrete, etc. MCW does not include construction waste containing hazardous substances (asbestos, mercury, PCB – polychlorinated biphenyl), etc.

Marius Pedersen collects minor construction waste in smaller quantities in its waste collection centers. If someone has more amount of construction waste, they can also take advantage of other options – take it directly to the nearest landfill, or take advantage of the possibilities of private companies receiving such waste for payment.

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